Flex Space Warehouses

Rental spaces designed for businesses and hobbyists

Choose a Flex Space From Discount Storage

Large storage space for big storage needs

Our flex spaces make solving your business’s storage and operational needs easier than ever. 

From warehouses to storefronts, we can help! We are also a great fit for hobbyists with a need for a lot of space. 

See if our flex spaces are right for you, and then find the location that fits! Solve your business needs at fair and competitive rates.

What is a Flex Space?

A flex space is a large rentable area that can be customized to fit any type of need. Flex spaces were designed for self storage, setting up a shop or small business, vehicle storage, and more.

Different Sizes for Different Projects

Not every project needs the same space. Some require more, and some require less. From woodworkers to hobbyists, we have adequate space to accommodate your needs.

Versatile Storage Options

While flex spaces are designed for large-scale projects, they may also be used for storage. Make your warehouse a canvas for your creativity. Instead of hauling materials back and forth, keep everything locked and secure inside your workshop.


Our storefront flex spaces provide a great solution for your growing business. Equipped with lockable, commercial-grade front doors, a private restroom, back-office space, windows, and a mailbox. These features create a welcoming and professional atmosphere for your customers.

Large Warehouses

Our flex space rentals are perfect for your budding hobby. These units are for those who enjoy side projects, need large-scale storage, or just need a place to get their business off the ground.

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